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DreamSpeak is a speaker’s series that gives voice to the Dream. The dreamer usually starts by thinking about an idea or vision they have. For example, you see a home that you would like to one day own. It then becomes your dream home. The moment you’re able to purchase that home, you have given voice to that dream. You no longer live outside of the dream home, but you are now living in it. If it is a car, you are driving in the dream. If it is a business, you are working in the dream, etc. When the dream is able to speak, it is no longer a dream…it is a reality, or what we call a “Dreamality.”

The CEOs and leaders who are part of the “Dream to Lead” TV series will be given the opportunity to become part of the “DreamSpeak” circuit. And through their presentations, they will inspire audiences to move past the visualization (imagination) stage to the actualization stage because they are living in their dreams. The voices of those dreams will creatively speak to the hearts and minds of people all over the world who are ready to take the plunge. “DreamSpeak” leaders not only have vision, but they can also speak to the power of vision. The two words Dream and Speak work in unity to give fuel to the words “imagine or dream it…speak it…live it.”

The goal is to build the American DreamSpeak and then take it to Africa, Asia, and the Arab countries. When we encourage people to have vision, we promote life. But it starts with good leadership…good leaders who are living their dreams.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)