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Captain Dreamer™

Captain Dreamer™, also known as Victoria Dougherty, is a Casting Director in a Smart City located in the World of Dreamville. Victoria has the amazing job of finding and casting the right people for the stories presented to her.

Captain Dreamer™ is devoted to righting the wrongs of the world and helping people remain true to their dreams. She is mysteriously magical yet naturally powerful, always thwarting the enemy (the dream villains) with her vast scientific knowledge and her immeasurable love for the human race (because she Lives Off Vital Energy – LOVE).

Captain Dreamer is a timeless beauty with an elegant, athletic figure. Her gift to the world is not only her message to be the captain of your own dreams, but also her stick-girl character with her heart of gold that she leaves behind every story. She is the epitome of “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!”

She also has a unique ability to see into the hearts and minds of people who are destined for greatness but struggle through their process. Before her own transformation, she had to overcome her own trials and tribulations before being launched into the world of storytelling as a Casting Director.